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Don't Get Derailed as a Business Leader

There’s a difference between being a boss and being a leader – ask anyone who

worked at a fast-food restaurant during a dinner rush. But being a leader isn’t just a one-

and-done, either; it takes hard work and continuous growth, or you’re bound to derail

your career.

Structured Strategies is here to help with a list of common derailers for business

leaders, a few tips on how to overcome them, and some core competencies every great

business leader needs to have.

Common Derailers for Business Leaders


Individuals who don’t cooperate with other stakeholders and exhibit behavior at odds

with those of the organization are the type of business leaders who don’t get very far up

the ladder. It is essential to be professional and possess social intelligence to excel as a

business leader.

Disregarding Feedback

Some business leaders think they know it all. Trust us – they don’t. The best business

leaders know that feedback is the key to perfection, which is an ambition you should

chase every day.

Limited Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence refers to the ability to understand your and others’ emotions and

achieve a level of self-awareness. Those individuals who are not sufficiently self-aware,

or can’t understand what others feel or think, have a more complicated time building

work relationships and dealing with conflict.

Neglecting Self-Improvement

Another common derailer is the end of self-improvement. Business leaders think that

because of their position, they have the knowledge they need and do not need to

improve further. Neglecting self-improvement can be a massive hindrance to your

career and is a common derailer for business leaders.

There are numerous courses available online (free and paid). Google and LinkedIn both

offer certification courses for every aspect of business.

Administrative Disorganization

Not addressing important aspects, particularly legal and financial ones, can tank an

organization (and career). An efficient, accurate administrative system needs to be in

place, or you may face severe penalties.

To avoid missing any critical administrative aspects, use some type of assistance. For

instance, if you’re wondering how to form an LLC but have no bandwidth to do the

research and legwork yourself, working with a formation service like ZenBusiness can

be an efficient and cost-effective solution. This way, you enjoy all the benefits that an

LLC can bring and the peace of mind of limited personal liability without adding more

work to your bucket.

There are, of course, more aspects of your business that need to be handled efficiently.

Structured Strategies can help small business leaders like yourself get organized as you

grow your business step by step.

Core Competencies for Business Leaders

A great leader not only avoids derailers but also embraces and builds core

competencies for their craft. Some of the core competencies for business leaders


● Cooperative and Professional

● Open to Feedback

● Emotionally and Socially Intelligent

Continually Self-improving

To Sum It All Up

What we want to emphasize is that every leader – even the greatest – will make

mistakes. But if you’re prepared, committed, empathetic, and willing to learn, you can at

least learn from your mistakes and grow into a better leader.

Now that you know the common derailers of business leaders and how to prepare for

and avoid them, you can concentrate on building your core competencies. Learn more

about how Structured Strategies can help by booking a free consultation today.

Guest Writer

Derek Goodman

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