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Public Speaking Services in Pittsburgh, PA

Is your company looking for an engaging speaker who knows how to transform an audience? Are you looking for a speaker with passion and purpose? If so, consider the talks offered by Kesi Howard, Founder, and CEO of Structured Strategies.

Engaging Talent

Public speaking services provided through Structured Strategies are designed to inform, inspire, and re-energize talent. Kesi connects with participants by bringing relevant common work issues to the stage. Speaking services are available for:  

  • Keynote Speaking

  • Breakout Session or Workshop

  • Panelist Participation

  • Lecture Series /Sit Down Q & A

Structured Strategies’ public speaking services are great for a variety of events and platforms, including:

  • Business Conferences

  • Educational Seminars

  • Professional Retreats

  • Virtual: Podcast, Webinars, and TV/Radio

Speaking Topics

Presentations are delivered to improve the soft skills and coping skills of working professionals. Available topics cover adversity, challenging personalities, leadership, and occupational stress; titles include: 

  • Signature Speech: When Life Gives You a Thumbs Down, Turn It Around: Things My Inner Self Knew That My Outer Self Did Not About Deceit, Jealousy, Sabotage, and Sexism at Work


  • Striving to get to Level Five Leadership, 5 Leadership Traits that Help You Thrive 


  • The Subconscious Ploys of Difficult People Inside and Outside of the Workplace and the Intent Behind their Behavior 


  • Workplace Stress - Even in a Business with Standardized Chaos, You Have More Control Than You Think

If you are looking for new talent to engage a professional audience with a unique stance on adversity and workplace issues, email or call us today. 

The time is now!

To inquiry about how to book Kesi Howard for your next event or to request more information, get in touch today. Please schedule a 15-minute inquiry or call 412-557-2966 or email us at

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